Chairman of the Board
Capt. Paul Everett Mawn USN (Ret) HC-63

Alumni Advisory Committee
Captain Warren Coulter USN (Ret.)  HC-62
Captain Paul Daley USNR (Ret.) HLS/HBS-73
Colonel James Metcalf USAFR (Ret.) HC-67
Lt. Malcolm T. Hill, Jr. USNR (former) HC-59
Captain Warren Schur Jr. USN (Ret.) HC-69
Captain Thomas Reardon USA (former) HC-68
Dr. Michael Segal HC-76, MD, PhD

Honorary Steering Committee
Lt. General Tad J. Oelstrom USAF
Brg. Gen. Michael Wholley USMC (Ret) HC-66
RADM Ron Henderson Jr. USN (Ret) HC-76
Staff Sgt. Thomas Ridge USA (former) HC-67
         Ex Sec Homeland Security & Governor-PA
Captain Phil Keith USN (Ret) HC-68
Lcdr. Ted Rooseveldt IV USNR HC-65; HBS-72
Senator Tom Cotton HC-99; HLS -02
Senator Dan Sullivan HC-87
Congressman Anthony Brown HC-05; HLS-92
Congressman Ron DeSantis HLS-05
Congressman Seth Moulton HC-01; HBS/ KS-11
Congressman Scott Taylor HES-13
Ex-Congressman Thomas Petri HC-62; HLS-65
Ex-Congressman Christopher Cox HBS- 75; HLS -77
Dr. Harry R. Lewis (Harvard Professor) HC-68

ROTC Commanding Officers
Captain Michael K. Savageaux USN - NROTC
LTC David Stalker USA Army ROTC
LTC J. Marshall Preston USAF - AFROTC

Advocates for Harvard ROTC

Advocates for Harvard ROTC aims to foster an atmosphere supportive of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps at Harvard.  We invite everyone to read about our organization, founded in 1988, and read the media coverage the ROTC issue has received by clicking on the buttons below.  Please send the URL for this site to others who may be interested and please send us links to material that would be good to add to this site.

We invite alumni and current students of Harvard, Radcliffe and all affiliates, faculty, administrators and military officers connected with Harvard ROTC to join Advocates for Harvard ROTC; over 2100 have joined since June 2001.  Since the ROTC issue concerns undergraduates, support from students at Harvard College and professors in Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences is particularly important.  Please click the "Register as a Supporter" button below to fill out and send the support form.  This association has been organized to broaden the base of support for ROTC at Harvard.  It is not designed to be a fund raising organization. It is a Non-Money-Raising, No-Dues entity. 

The roster of the ADVOCATES will be used to distribute an occasional newsletter and to demonstrate the breadth of support of the ROTC Program.  The members wish to assure the continuance of the ROTC for Harvard students, affording to these gifted young Americans the opportunities to become the future leaders in government, industry, and academia.

Paul E. Mawn '63, Chairman, Advocates for Harvard ROTC

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