Letter from the Office of the Chief of Naval Personnel to the Commanding Officer of the Harvard NROTC Unit on its Disestablishment




23 JUN 1971

From:    Chief of Naval Personnel
To:        Commanding Officer, NROTC Unit
             Harvard University
             225 [sic] Francis Avenue
             Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Subj:     Disestablishment of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Unit, Harvard University, as an activity of the Navy; information concerning

Ref:       (a) President, Harvard University ltr of 30 June 1969 to Chief of Naval Personnel

1.  Reference (a) states in part that "as a result of votes taken by several of our faculties and detailed consideration by a University committee on ROTC, the President and fellows of Harvard College have agreed to accept the general principle that ROTC at Harvard 'operate as other extracurricular activities.'  To carry out the intent of this change seems impossible at this time, since the services interpret the relevant public law as forbidding them to accept such an arrangement.  Accordingly, Harvard University has concluded that it will be necessary to terminate ROTC programs as presently constituted, as of June 30, 1971."

2.  An official request from the Chief of Naval Personnel to the Chief of Naval Operations to disestablish, as an activity of the Navy, the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Unit at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, effective 30 June 1971, is in routing.

3.  The Contracting Office personnel of Harvard University have assured personnel of the Navy Purchasing Office, Washington, D. C. that an educational services agreement for tuition and fees for fiscal year 1972 for our remaining scholarship program students, will be acceptable and it is being prepared. A contract for books and instructional equipment will be entered into with the Harvard Cooperative Society as in past years for these students.

4.  All personnel records and files on our remaining NROTC students and officer PG students shall be transferred to the Commanding Officer, NROTC Unit, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, Massachusetts who will become the Commanding Officer of these students effective 1 July 1971 and will be responsible for all administrative matters concerning them up to and including course completion, detachment, commissioning and delivery of first active duty and permanent change of station orders.

5.  All remaining government property including uniforms and textbooks shall be transferred to the Naval District Surplus Property Disposal Officer, First Naval District or through him to another NROTC Unit. All files, funding documents and administrative responsibilities concerning the Departments of Naval Science at the Maine and Massachusetts Maritime Academies shall be transferred to the Commanding Officer, NROTC Unit, Massachusetts Institute of Technology on or before 1 July 1971.


Assistant Chief for Education and Training

Copy to:
CO, NROTC Unit, Mass. Inst. of Tech.