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    Columbia University has a long and rich history of partnership with and support for the armed forces. Prior to the Vietnam War, Columbia cadets had peacefully coexisted with their classmates since the inception of ROTC in 1916. Unfortunately, in spite of Columbia's military tradition, the administration expelled ROTC programs from the campus in 1969 as a result of discontent over the Vietnam War.

     The Columbia Alliance for ROTC has been organized by alumni to assist Columbia University in its mission to provide a respected and well-regarded education and to encourage and empower students to become national leaders. We believe that this is best done by broadening the support for the return of active ROTC participation to campus life.

Our objectives include:

1. Significantly increasing University and alumni support for students who wish to participate in ROTC

2. Raising awareness within the Columbia community of the importance of Columbia graduates serving in military service.

3. Supporting and promoting the unique bond and fellowship that exists within the Columbia community of ROTC cadets, students, alumni, and faculty, who have served in the military, and who believe military's service is essential to the national interest.

4. Assisting the military services in their mission to commission officers for the Air Force, Army, Navy by supporting the recruiting and retention of ROTC students at Columbia

5. Encouraging and fostering the ideals of leadership, scholarship, and service as fundamental to adapting Columbia’s liberal arts education to the needs of contemporary society.

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