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We invite alumni and current students of Harvard, Radcliffe and all affiliates, faculty, administrators and military officers connected with Harvard ROTC to join Advocates for Harvard ROTC.  This association has been organized to broaden the base of support for Harvard ROTC.  It is not designed to be a fund raising organization. It is a Non-Money-Raising, No-Dues entity. 

To register as an Advocate for Harvard ROTC, fill out and return the information in the box below in one of the following 3 ways:

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Privacy notice:  The contact information submitted is for use by Advocates for Harvard ROTC to communicate with members and demonstrate support to Harvard University.  We do not provide this contact information to other parties.

Financial notice: Advocates for Harvard ROTC does not seek or accept financial contributions.  Those who wish to donate money towards activities benefiting ROTC cadets and midshipmen at Harvard may be interested in donating to the Harvard ROTC Alumni Fund.

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