Tri-Service Pass in Review 2002

Flags in Pass In Review ceremony

MIT BERRY FIELD, 26 April 2002 --  Captain Thomas G. Kelly, USN (Ret) gave the keynote speech at the annual Tri-Service Pass in Review ceremony.  There were 31 graduating seniors from the ROTC programs at MIT (4 Army, 16 Navy and 11 Air Force).
    The Harvard ROTC Alumni Award was presented by Emil B. Fleischaker '42 on behalf of the Harvard ROTC Alumni Fund to Army Cadets Charles B. Cromwell and Michael A. Zacchilli, Navy Midn 2/C Emily R. Gantt, and Air Force Cadets Brian R. Smith and Jamin B. Wilson.
    The Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Contribution was presented by MG Robert C. Davenport to Army Cadets Charles B. Cromwell.   

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Special Recognition Award presented to Cadet Cromwell